The fundamental mission IFM2 is to promote and coordinate the training and education of highly qualified specialists in mathematical finance and to foster the development of research in support of this training. A second component to the Institute’s mission is to contribute to making Montréal an internationally recognized centre of excellence in mathematical finance.


To achieve its fundamental mission, the Institute has the following specific objectives:

  • To unite academics and public and private corporate partners in a common project aimed at providing to the business community, access to highly qualified specialists in mathematical finance. Such specialists are rapidly becoming essential human resources for business development.
  • To lead the way in developing advanced mathematical finance within the Québec university network. In this respect, the Institute will support and complement existing university graduate programs.
  • To foster the concentration of human resources specialized in advanced mathematical finance and to contribute to developing an environment favourable to recruiting and keeping new professors in the different university institutions. In this respect, the Institute plays a significant role in supporting the recruitment efforts of member universities.
  • To foster research in the field of advanced mathematical finance.
  • To contribute to publicize the role that can be played by specialists in mathematical finance within large corporations and the added value that they represent.
  • To establish productive links in the areas of training and research with similar university and inter-university institutions throughout the world.