Support for faculty recruitment program

This program is not renewed for the 2014-2015 year. However, the multi-year commitments that IFM2 has already made ​​under previous competitions will be respected according to the established conditions.


Recruiting and keeping highly qualified faculty in the field of mathematical finance constitutes a strategic activity for higher education institutions in Québec. These activities take place in an extremely competitive environment, both in Canada and internationally. 

The support program offered by IFM2 concerns partner universities and is directed by the following principles:

  • The universities are responsible for their faculty recruitment activities, and IFM2 does not intervene directly in these activities.
  • Support to recruited faculty takes the form of a grant to the universities, which is used to confer a salary supplement to professors; this supplementary remuneration provided by the IFM2 is granted based on a proposal by the universities, who submit applications for the recruited professors. 
  • The choice of successful candidates is made by considering the candidates’ involvement in the Institute’s fields of interest, and by respecting the areas of expertise and critical mass in each university.
  • The number of possible new recipients is decided yearly by the Executive Committee.