Use of grant funds

The following are guidelines to assist grantees and institutional administrators in their interpretation of the acceptable use of grant funds. The list of examples is not exhaustive. For further information grantees are encouraged to communicate with IFM2.

Grant funds must be used towards the direct costs of the research for which the funds were awarded and must be used effectively and economically.  The expenses must be essential for the research for which the funds were awarded.

Any reallocation amounting to more than 20% of a budget item will be subject to previous approval by the Institute.

Allowable expenses

  • Salaries and benefits, related to the research project supported by IFM2, for master and doctoral students who do not have a scholarghip from the IFM2
  • Travel related costs: Annual maximum of $3,000 (meals, accommodation, transportation, registration) in connection to a research project granted by IFM2 for research visits and/or dissemination of findings at international of Canadian conferences. Air travel must be claimed at the lowest rate available in economy fare
  • Equipment and supplies: correspondence, printing of results, data, or electronic journal articles relevant to the research project
  • Purchase of books or periodicals: directly linked and essential for the realization of the project
  • Article publication fees
  • Professional fees (textual revision and / or translation)
  • Computer hardware: specialized equipment, essential to the realization of the project. Maximum one computer for the duration of the project
  • Acquisition of data bases and/or software specific to the research project.

University administration fees: Maximum 15% or the amount granted

Non-allowable expenses

  • Salaries or stipends to University professors
  • Honorary payment to invited lecturers or consultants
  • Scholarship to master, doctoral and postdoctoral students
  • Payment of salaries to students that already receive a scolarship from the IFM2 for master and doctorate studies
  • Lease or purchase of cellular phones or personal digital assistants (BlackBerry, Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, etc.) including the cost of service plans and fees for long distance or local calls
  • Home connection to internet services
  • Office supplies (paper clips, pens, file folders, writing pads, ring binders, diaries, wastebaskets)
  • Membership fees for professional associations or scientific corporations.