The Institute is run by a Board of directors composed of eighteen members of which fifteen are voting members:

  • Seven representatives from the financial or business sector
  • Seven university representatives
  • One representative of the Québec Finance ministry,

and three are non-voting members, that is:

  • One representative of the Education ministry
  • One representative of CIRANO
  • The executive Director of the Institute.

Seven members of the Board of Directors, named by the board, form the Executive committee. The Executive Committee meets regularly and assures the continuity of operations between Board meetings. 

The Institute is managed by the executive director and his administrative personnel. The director is responsible for implementing the programs and activities of the Institute and reporting to the Board annually.

The implementation and animation of the scientific activities of the Institute are under the responsibility of the scientific director, who is assisted by committees formed of representatives of each partner university to receive applications and make recommendations about support programs. The scholarship committee analyzes applications to the scholarship program, and the research committee analyzes applications to the research grants program.